Welcome to Renova Hôtel

Your hotel in Nantes City, France

Renova, hotel centre ville Nantes

Open hours :

Monday to saturday :
7h30 – 12h00 / 14h30 – 22h00
Sunday :
8h30 – 12h00 / 18h00 – 22h00


11 Rue Beauregard
Cours des 50 Otages

Nantes is a city with a generally moderate weather. A journey to Renova is ideal at all seasons.

At the heart of the city which was, a long time ago, the city of the duchess "Anne de Bretagne" and next the "Place Royale".
The Renova's hotel takes place in the center out of circulation but in the middle of the convivial district, with a lot of shops and restaurant.

The Renova Hotel takes place at 2 minutes of the railway station. Just near the Castle of Nantes " Château des Ducs de Bretagne" and next the historical Museum.